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The problems of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of Russia have been familiar to the general Russian public for a long time, ever since the Soviet authorities tried to forcibly "cultivate" and "digitize" some of these peoples, accustoming them to urban and rural lifestyles, attaching them to collective farms, and their children to boarding schools, forcing them to completely reshape their lives, which had developed for centuries, in a new way. As a result of that policy, many peoples managed to forget their culture and language. Those times are already in the past and today these peoples have the opportunity to live as their ancestors lived for centuries and are under the constant patronage of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation (hereinafter-the Association).

Today, the Association is a powerful public organization with an extensive network of regional offices throughout Russia, consisting not just of caring people, but of real professionals who are ready to represent their peoples with honor on any public or political platform. The most important advantage of the members of the Association is their direct relationship to the indigenous small-numbered peoples, about the life, life and problems of which they know everything.

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